Costumes for LPG-massage

Wearing special costume is a required condition for the procedure of vacuum-roller massage with the help of an LPG- device. You might have heard about an LPG-equipment: it is a vacuum-roller massage aimed at cellulite removal and figure correction, that has proved its high efficiency within a short period of time, thus gaining popularity. Our company fabricates costumes for LPG procedures. Such procedures are safe and hygienic. The costume is to be used by the one person only, high quality fabric is designed for several courses of massage (more than 10), is perfectly suitable for washing machine. The product is made of 66 polyamide(80%) designed by DuPont (environmentally friendly material used for manufacturing kids toys and clothes) and elastane(20%). Purchasing this high-quality product is the key to your success making the procedure mostly effective.


All the products are available in both sleeved and sleeveless variants and with open and closed feet. Intimate parts are less transparent being weaved in another way. All costumes are made in white colour, but you can choose individual colouring.

400 RUB

330 RUB

10 - 50

360 RUB

280 RUB

51 - 100

320 RUB

260 RUB

> 101

Delivery in Moscow from 20 pieces for free

We offer a full range of sizes.


150-155 cm

45-55 kg


156-160 cm

53-60 kg


161-170 cm

61-68 kg


171-180 cm

69-80 kg


181-186 cm

81-125 kg

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