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B-flexy Cellustop — innovative device for sculpting the body, eliminating cellulite and giving elasticity to your skin. The hardware procedure B-flexy-Cellustop allows you to get rid of unevenness in any part of the skin, from cellulite, regardless of its stage, as well as to change the volume and shape of the body, bringing it closer to the desired parameters. The high-tech device B-flexy-Cellustop works on the body parts with the help of a well-designed maniple, coupled with high suction power - helps to achieve brilliant results!

CelluStop Basic

Basic complectation
Price with one maniple 449.000 Rub.
Price with two maniples* 499.000 Rub.
The vacuum power 38kPa
Engine 20 000 rpm
TURBO mode yes
Noise edit system yes
maniple 3D sense of line yes
Mini maniple* yes
Screen monochrome
Number of protocols manual mode
Power consumption up to 2 kW
Dimencions(m) 1x0.7x0.8
Warranty 12 month

CelluStop Medium

Medium complectation
Price with one maniple 559.000 Rub.
ЦPrice with two maniples* 749.000 Rub.
The vacuum power 38kPa
Engine 20 000 rpm
TURBO mode yes
Noise edit system yes
maniple3D sense of line yes
Mini maniple* yes
Screen Touchscreen, color 12"
Number of protocols 20 protocols
Power consumption up to 2 kW
Dimencions(m) 1x0.7x0.8
Warranty 12 month


Combining the French sophistication and the latest technologies, LPG Systems are among the best on the market. A wide range of models will give you the opportunity to choose the option that is more suitable for your business. The functions and characteristics of each of the proposed models can be found below.

LPG Cellu M6 Integral

Cellu M6 Integral - the latest generation of LPG equipment is intended for lipomassage and endermolift procedures. LPG Integral with its actual design and high-tech equipment, allows to achieve special efficiency in procedures for face and body. The difference between the LPG Integral and Endermolab is in the size and shape of the hull. Special round shape and compact dimensions represent a more "feminine" design.

LPG Cellu M6 Keymodule I

LPG Cellu M6 Keymodule I – усовершенствованный аппарат линейки Cellu M6 класса VIP, где соединены современные технологии LPG: лифтмассаж, эндермологический липомассаж и Endermologie®. Благодаря двойному набору программ и манипул возможности аппарата расширяются. Ролл-манипула позволяет моделировать фигуру, улучшать кожу, лечить целлюлит и избавлять от излишков жировой клетчатки. Лифт-манипула работает с областью шеи, лица и декольте. the advanced device of Cellu M6 line (VIP) where LPG's modern technologies are connected: lift massage, endermological lipomassage and Endermologie®. Thanks to the dual set of programs and manipletion, the capabilities of the device expand. Roll maniple allows you to model the figure, improve the skin, treat cellulite and get rid of excess fat. Lift-maniple works with the neck, face and decollete area.

LPG Cellu M6 Keymodule II

LPG Cellu M6 Keymodule II - the advanced device of line Cellu M6 class VIP where modern technologies LPG are connected: lift massage, эндермологический lipomassage and Endermologie®.

LPG Lipo M6

LPG Systems — Lipo M6 - Model LPG Lipo M6 is specially designed for effective use in beauty salons and SPA-salons working in the body aesthetics format. The device uses the long experience of LPG and exclusive know-how of the company in the field of figure correction and creation of an ideal body contour.

Body Health

For 15 years, Body Health has been a leader in the world of high-end cosmetology equipment. The new line of Body Health devices was conceived with the use of the latest technologies, automation of production and other modern technologies that directly affect two integral components of the modern market: quality and cost.

BHS 201

Price 483 580 Rub.
DERMOCHELS + DERMOPS BHS 201: The treatment provides an effective elimination of the manifestations of cellulite at all stages and the fight against resistant local deposits of fat
HIMFU + DERMOPS BHS 201 duo: Guaranteed reduction of body fat deposits, effective removal of cellulite, the effect of tightening the skin of the body due to the production of collagen and elastin, improving metabolic processes
FACE PACKAGE BHS 201 dermo full / duo: Intensive rejuvenation, reduction of wrinkles and facelift due to stimulation of metabolic processes and microcirculation, the production of collagen and elastin

BHS 202

Price 820.000 Rub.
CRYO RF LIFTING + RF LIFTING: The most important and most effective method of rejuvenation and tightening of the face and body skin, the production of collagen and elastin, cryolipolysis
HIMFU + DERMOLEDS: Guaranteed reduction of body fat deposits, effective cellulite removal, skin tightening effect
DERMO HEALTH + DERMOLEDS: The effect provides effective removal of the manifestations of cellulite at all stages and the fight against resistant local deposits of fat


Beautyliner - an effective device for the correction of the figure and the fight against cellulite. It is designed for a non-invasive skin treatment method that uses rollers and constant adjustable air sucking to activate skin tissue, which stimulates microcirculation while protecting the skin and tissues from damage. This helps eliminate toxins and eliminate excess fat deposits. The contours of the body are smoothed out, the volume decreases. Lipolysis occurs in the deepest layers. The layers of the skin are subjected to compression and weakening. Thanks to the technology used in this type of massage, it became possible to achieve high results in less time - equal skin, reduced volume, improved well-being.

Price from 280 000 Rub.
Unlike similar devices, Beautyliner has a high-performance turbine capable of developing 15,000 rpm and creating a suction force of up to 65 liters per second when creating a vacuum of up to 2800 mm / Manipule of unique shape. Modern, light and comfortable. Designed with ergonomics in mind, involving experienced masseurs and cosmetologists in designing. With manipula Beautyliner almost does not get tired. The shape of the maniple is patented. Air filter "at the entrance". Significantly prolongs the life of an already reliable Italian vacuum motor. Powerful vacuum motor. In combination with carefully calibrated components, the system provides a clear and controlled vacuum. When you need to prepare the fabric, "Beautyliner" is calm when it is necessary to "work out" the zones harder - very powerful. Chassis - durable, reliable and soft from the German manufacturer. Want to move the device? No problem! Silently.


Spare parts

40-hour filters

40-hour filters for the LPG Cellu M6 keymodule and Lift M6. Filter set 6 pcs. At a price of 3000 rubles per set. Price for 1 pc. 500 rubles.

1000 hour filters

1000 hour filters for the LPG Cellu M6 keymodule and Lift M6. Filter set 2 pcs. At a price of 5000 rubles per set. Air filter 1000 hours

250 hours filter

250hours filter for the LPG Cellu IP keymodule and Lift 6. The price is 960 rubles a piece.


Maniple body

Maniple body maniple for LPG Cellu M6 Keymodule


Replacement modules for the Cellu M6 Keymodule series. Always available new plug-ins: Keymodule i1, Keymodule i2, Keymodule i3, Keymodule i50. At a price 38000 rubles a piece.

Module valves

Valves of the modules (flaps, wings, etc.) Price: One - 200 rubles / piece ; Set for one module - 400 rub / pair ; Kit for all modules - 1200 rubles / 6 pcs .

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